Awaken your Spirit Animals

Spirit animals are powerful entities that surround us from our birth and remain with us through our lives. Like guardian angels, they help and guide us in small ways and big, whether we are aware of them or not. Several ancient traditions from various parts of the world recognise and tap into these sources of inspiration and well-being, calling upon them for guidance, assistance and strength when needed.

If we are unconscious of our spirit animals and their existence, and the ways they help shape our lives, the benefits we can draw from them are limited. But if we consciously awaken, connect and engage with them, we can invoke them at will and call upon them to help us through various stages and tribulations of our lives. 


For the first time in India, a comprehensive workshop is being offered that unveils the mysteries of spirit animals and a teaches a meditation-led process to identify, invoke and benefit from these guardian angels that surround us.

The workshop will be conducted by Preeti Robert, a holistic healer and therapist. Find more details about her on:


Workshop details:

Day 1: 16th February 2019


10am: Check in and register

10.15am to 11.15am: Session 1

  • An Introduction to spirit animals           

  • Art therapy

  • Earth energy

  • Releasing ceremony    


Tea / coffee break

11.30am to 1.30pm: Session 2

  • Spirit animals -- examples

  • Do you know your spirit animal ?

  • How to find your spirit animal ? Meditation

  • Putting it all together

  • Getting to know your spirit animal.       



2.30pm to 4.30pm: Session 3

  • Animal Messengers

  • How to connect with animal messengers

  • Decoding the message

  • Finding animal messenger - Meditation

  • Discover situations when animal messengers are communicating with you.   

Tea / coffee break, followed by nature walk


6pm to 7 pm: Session 4

  • Your relationship with your spirit animal

  • How to increase your connection to them.       




Day 2: 17th February 2019


7.30am to 9am: Session 5

  • Learn to listen as animals come into your life and decipher their messages

  • Life situations when and where to call them.



10am to 12noon: Session 6

  • How to take help of animal spirit cards?

  • How to make Animal energy essences? How to take them? What are the benefits?


End of workshop

Workshop Fee: Rs. 12,000 (Twelve Thousand Only) on twin sharing basis.

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Illustrations by Patricia Ariel