Friends Party

Protiti Roy

You know that moment when you sit in office and think to yourself "I really need a break!"? And then you probably picture yourself taking a walk in the grass under clear skies, or curling up snugly by a window and reading a book, or having a large, luxurious meal. The place you are imagining happens to be Earth Kitchen, in Hesaraghatta, about an hour outside of Bangalore. Arati and Naved run this place with the sole intention (or so it seemed to me) of spoiling their guests rotten!


Every meal is home cooked, and Arati reinvents everything from dal-chawal to pasta to make it a Masterchef dish. The rooms are painted in happy colours, and the odd detail that impressed me the most was how clean, functional and à la mode all the bathroom fittings were! For a homestay in the middle of nowhere, you would imagine that equipment once installed would have stayed on forever. Not so at Earth Kitchen, where every small detail has been paid sufficient attention.

My best friend and I landed up at Earth Kitchen on Dassara after a week from hell at work, and we came back thoroughly reinvigorated and refreshed. Thank you so much, Arati and Naved!

Vinaya Setty

I was looking for place where we could escape for some family time... All we needed was some time together away from the hustle & bustle...We are foodies, so our hunt for good food is always 'on'...


A friend of mine had recommended this place few years back but for reasons unknown never happened, may be it was all about the right time...Wednesday morning, off we go...A beautiful drive not very far from the city leading to 'Earth Kitchen'...


It was a perfect destination for us, just the way we wanted...Food was the glamour quotient, some mediterranean cuisine that we totally relished...Arati and Naved not just introduced us to the battalion of Tibetan Mastiffs 😁 and also walked us around their eco farm...We enjoyed their lovely company which perfectly complimented with amazing food...A walk thru Arati's herbal garden to end the trip with a note to return soon...


Without a doubt one of our favourite place...A prefect 'Do nothing' trip!!

Sujatha H

I have petted soooo many dogs but there was smthing v different abt ur dogs. Can't shake off the feeling. They were so zen like and so calming though externally they were very energetic territorial etc. Is it just me or is it true? They had sm very deep impact on me 😊

Akanksha Sharma

Earth Kitchen for us was a last minute weekend plan, and boy, were we glad we came! When we learnt that Nrityagram was shut the weekend we were there (Pro tip - call beforehand to confirm if they're open around festivals!), our momentary disappointment was replaced by glee that this meant more time to gorge on Arati's scrumptious cooking, traipse around the farm and catch up on all the leisure reading we say that we never have time for!


EK is easily reached from Bangalore city, and we had no trouble commuting even though we were using cabs and not driving ourselves.

One suggestion - bring your loose pants to EK! Arati takes the 'kitchen' part of their name very seriously  and we were treated to a dazzling array of food criss-crossing global (and desi) cuisines - from passion fruit juice to Pesarattu to evening barbeque and the yummiest dal chawal we've had in a while.


Arati and Naved's hospitality was always warm, they made sure to take out the time to chat about their experiences with the farm, play guessing games about the produce that went into each of the dishes we wolfed down and even convert one of us to a big-dog person 😁

Celia & Sridhar

Really restful and relaxing, Earth Kitchen is a perfect "getaway" from the hustle and bustle of city life. We breathed in fresh air, soothed our senses with the flowers and greenery all over the place and ate awesome food cooked by our gracious hosts! Would love to come again!

Preethi D

If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway to unwind and relax, this is your go-to place. A wonderful farm homestay with the most friendly, warm and welcoming hosts, who made our stay even more amazing.Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Naved who personally handed us over the keys to our cottage.


The rooms were bright, spotlessly clean and well equipped. We stayed there only for a night and wished we could have stayed longer! The homestay is in such an amazing location that it’s perfect for evening walks to the grasslands, country tour on a bicycle and to connect with nature.


Arati cooked up some terrific food all through (Italian lunch, Palestinian dinner and Turkish breakfast) and I personally would recommend this property to travellers from all over the world . 

Paramita Samanta

It's a perfect getaway for a weekend from Bangalore, about 50-60 kms away to escape from busy city life. it's beautiful farm house with trees and flowers all around. Huge space to just walk around and enjoy nature or read a book sitting under a tree. The cottages are nice and thoughtful. Food is amazing. Only a tiny thing that the cottages get a little hot during the day time where option of AC might be nice. But that does not change my opinion how great this place is. The owners Aarti and Naved made our stay really comfortable and enjoyable

Thrishika Kr

A very peaceful and serene place. Love the cool breeze and the chirping birds. Dinner was delicious.

Divya, Rishi & Bhushan

We loved the quiet and the calm. It is the best place to relax and just enjoy each other's company.

Girish & Kavitha

Perfect blend of village environment and world-class food. Arati is an amazing cook. The way food was prepared, presented and tasted...superb. Looks and tastes better than most of the fine-dining in Bangalore.

Perfect place for runners, cyclists, do-nothing types and food lovers. Next time will stay for longer period and bring my cycle.

Good thing there is no TV in the room! So one is bound to get out and explore trails around and burn those calories. And one can stare at Naved'a father's paintings in the room for hours together.

See you guys soon.

Praveen Kumar

Food was really delicious. Dal gosht, naan and dessert is mind blowing. Thanks a ton for this treat.

Keertana      Age 8years

This farm was amazing. I loved the food and the plants. The dogs were also very nice. I loved everything in Earth Kitchen.

Kavya          Age 11years

Earth Kitchen is a very nice place. It is very peaceful and quiet. I enjoyed my time very much. I drew a few flowers and plants. I also loved the food. It is very nice and simple. I waited in the evenings for the dogs to come out and enjoyed the walks I went for. I specially liked the rooms and the bonfire. I had a great time!

I loved the sitting area with the creeper all around and I hope I will be able to do something similar on our piece of land and grow many mulberry trees inspired by you.

Komala Mathias

This is perhaps what childhood's best was! Nature, trees, animals, time and space to enjoy each others company and tasty, well planned, home cooked meals! We also enjoyed sitting down as a family and sharing our meals. The rooms are full of light and colour, with big windows and beautiful art! Loved meeting the dogs!

Stephen Mathias

I spent a couple of days at this place in early November 2018. Was looking for something different, a chance to be with nature and not necessarily in a resort with swimming pool etc. The drive in Hesaraghatta is quite nice though its sad to see that Taj Kuteeram has closed down.


We enter through a great big gate and park on the right. This is by no means a fully developed farm. There are trees all over the place but plenty of open spaces. There is a red pentagon shaped building which houses 5 rooms. The rooms are really large and very comfortable. Its clean and just perfect. There was running hot water in the bathroom. My data worked easily on my cellphone so no worry about that. The hosts placed two mattresses on the floor in one room for our kids. The rooms are fenced in a bit with a small seating area and some wicker chairs.


There are nice areas to walk about including the walk upto the house of our hosts which have some very nice trees. Our hosts Naved and Arati were really hospitable. Naved looked after us initially. Our kids were delighted when 6 huge Tibetian Mastiffs arrived, for their evening run about. We had to initially stay inside the fenced area and then once they got used to us, we came out. All but one of them are friendly. Huge but seemingly harmless dogs, my kids simply loved petting them.


The next day Arati took us for a tour of her garden, showing us all the fruit trees, etc. The kids got to pick a few mulberries. The starfruit was quite tasty. The tour was a fascinating experience. The mornings were nice, the afternoons a bit hot (time for a snooze?) and the evenings simply lovely.


And now I have to tell you about the best part of our visit – the food. Arati is a gourmet chef. Her food is outstanding, way better than what you would get in most hotels or restaurants in Bangalore. On the first night we had Mexican, on the second night Arabic. The Con Carne was really nice. We gobbled up the quesadillas quickly. There were some strawberry cupcakes (no icing, thankfully) which were superb (I generally do not like cupcakes). Her hummus is well known and it was really good. Naved did some barbequed chicken on the second night. There was some absolutely divine Arabic dessert. Don’t expect to get 10 dishes on the table. But whatever is there is really good and its more than enough.


On the second night, Naved also lit a bonfire for us. We sat around it and enjoyed. Towards the end, we didn’t want to go, so we started gathering leaves and throwing them into the bonfire to keep it alive. Overall, a really peaceful and serene experience plus some great food. If you want to spend time away from the city and just relax, this is a wonderful place to go to. Plus I am a total foodie and being given gourmet food every meal is just too good!


The Hesaraghatta grasslands are worth walking through and it’s a good experience to drive to the lake.

Madhavi & Arvind

Rustic, peaceful and restful - spend hours doing nothing - except enjoying the clean air, the lush surroundings, delicious food and the company of lovely hosts, and their staff, and their dogs and their cows!

We really enjoyed our stay here and would love to come back here. Thank you!

Dr. Jyotsna Mirlay

I spent a most enjoyable 2 days at the Earth Kitchen home stay.


It’s an easy drive from Bangalore. The property is beautiful. The hosts have taken great pains in conserving the eco system and biodiversity. The room was super clean and convenient. Arati and Naved , the hosts are fine people. Hospitable, chatty and shared their property to make me feel so welcome.


I am vegan and Arati served delicious meals throughout my stay. Their dogs are sweet( and huge:):) ) and are secured inside their private residence at all times. I spent time walking along the village paths, listening to music and practicing my ukulele. The silence is blissful. The bird and peacocks sounds are so very welcome to our ears - drowned as they are with ugly city noises ! The night sky... twinkling stars and moonshine.


So if you plan a trip where you want to live the slow life, this is where you need to go. Carry your music, books and mosquito repellent and sit outside, under a canopy of leaves and listen to Nature at its best :)