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While it is important that you have a great time when you visit us, it is equally important to keep you and your family safe while the COVID 19 pandemic is still with us.

Here are the steps we have taken to ensure both our staff and visitors are not exposed to infection:

  • Our guest cottage is designed in such a way that there is zero chance of transmission between guests occupying different rooms. Laid out in a pentagon shaped cottage, each room occupies one side (total of 5 rooms) with separate entrances and your own private garden sit-out.

  • We don't use air-conditioning. Each room has its own air cooler to keep you cool during those warm afternoons.

  • Our dining area is open air with ample distance between different sets of tables.

  • Before you arrive, your room and ensuite bathroom is thoroughly sanitised. As a further precaution, we make sure that there is a 72 hour gap between when a guest vacates a room and the next one occupies it, to ensure total safety.

  • Our staff stay full time on the premises and are continuously monitored to ensure they are healthy. They wear masks and gloves any time they come in proximity of the guests. They also do not enter guest rooms while you are here.

  • All meals are home-cooked in our home kitchen to ensure the highest degree of hygiene.

  • While dining, we ensure there is zero contact between our staff and guests. They serve the food on the sideboard, so our guests can help themselves as they please.

  • You are requested to carry masks, gloves and sanitisers for personal use, as mandated by the government regulations.