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Music_Movement is a unique 2-days, 1-night retreat in a pristine, 6 acre woodland, on the outskirts of Bangalore. The event features a live music concert by local artists with night stay followed by a morning dedicated to nature immersion and fitness. 

This unique combination of activities, hosted amidst the beautiful gardens and orchards of Earth Kitchen farm homestay, in Hesaraghatta, is a step towards creating an unforgettable experience for the guests.


Today's well traveled urbanite holidays in the Arctic and explores the Amazon rainforest. She has been everywhere, seen everything, so it is no longer places she wants to see, but experiences she can live.

What’s your best weekend break ever?
camping with family?
Open air live music with friends?
A fitness workshop to rejuvenate yourself?
Now, a weekend break that brings together family, friends and you
earth kitchen A farm homestay 1 hour from bangalore
 is curating
a unique weekend experience
Enjoy comfort stay on a 6 acre mini forest
Guest room or camping?

A live music party for a select guest list

Live entertainment at a unique, sunken garden amphitheatre

Next morning:
’byob’ (bring your own body) 
fitness workshop
by studio mnB

When?:   Saturday, 31st august 2019
Where?: earth kitchen, Hesaraghatta
Call:      +91 9663847522
your best weekend ever

Music_Movement Earth Kitchen Homestay

Bangalore is no stranger to music concerts of all kinds, whether in auditoriums or public places, with excellent shows and talent. But these are public events, where anyone can buy a ticket and come.

Music_Movement aims to curate not just the program but the audience too, where every one of the guests will be invited after a telephone interview. “We do not want to become a drinking ground,” says Naved. “This is our home, and we live here. You wouldn't want to invite hooligans in your front garden, would you? We want families who enjoy live music in a natural setting to come here and create a memorable experience.”

Music_Movement Earth Kitchen Homestay
Music_Movement Earth Kitchen Homestay

“Nrityagram, located barely 200 meters from Earth Kitchen homestay, used to host an all night music fest called 'Vasanthahabba', explains Arati, who has been to that iconic event. “People still remember that mystic combination of nature and music and talk about it. Music_Movement, although restricted to only 50 guests, hopes to recreate that magic every month at our home and homestay, Earth Kitchen.”

“Live music events today are usually hosted in public places and you have to get back home later,” says Naved. “This is an event hosted at our home, which is a much safer environment than a bar or hotel, and you crash on a comfortable bed in a room or a tent after you are done partying. 

A very intrinsic part of this program is the fitness workshop by Studio MNB the next morning called BYOB (Bring Your Own Body), where Navchetan Rai, one of Bangalore's leading personal coach and counsellor, will offer the participants deep insights into their personal fitness journeys through observation. 

The first edition of Music_Movement took place on 31st August-1st September 2019. One of Bangalore's best known duo, Joshua Paulmer and Rachna Ramdin created a magical ensemble of music for the audience.

Music_Movement Earth Kitchen Homestay